CDU before the federal election: We just hope so

CDU election campaign in Berlin-Mitte: reach young voters if they come by here
Image: Andreas Pein

The CDU is worried. Can she still win the election? In any case, she fights on the street – for Laschet, although she is attached to Söder. And with yourself. A report from the grassroots.

FEarly morning in Berlin, the sun has just risen. One is already shining brighter. It is the member of the Bundestag Luczak from the CDU, as lively as after twelve hours of sleep, which of course he did not have and will not have anytime soon. His motto at this hour: “The early bird catches the voter.” Here today, at Marienfelde train station, far south of the city. If you want to go to the train or get off the train, you have to pass Luczak. Or to his helpers, all CDU.

Many in the party are afraid of losing the general election. Bad polls, always behind the SPD. But if you don’t fight, you’ve already lost. So they fight. From Laschet to Luczak, and Luczak is far from over. Many of those who take part have no position at all, some are not even in the party. For them, the CDU is simply the Germany they want.

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