CBS renames Comedy with Pete Holmes

Pete Holmes in How We Roll (c) CBS

The eye network CBS wants to distance itself from the ambiguous series title Smallwood and therefore renames the new bowling comedy with crashing star Pete Holmes. The new title is harmless and family-friendly.

The new multi-camera comedy “Smallwood“Currently in production for CBS is being renamed How We Roll. The eye network remains silent about the reasons for this. One could assume, however, that the phallic ambiguity “Smallwood“Does not fit the family-friendly image. Tom Smallwood is and remains the name of the main character, played by Pete Holmes (Crashing), who is based on a real person.

Also the new title How We Roll – as a short form for the saying “That’s how we roll” (in German: “That’s how it works for us“) – is ambiguous. However, this alludes to the bowling ball that Tom Smallwood will roll in the bowling comedy. It remains to be seen whether he will land a strike in the process. Especially since the series does not yet have a start date. In addition, as part of the name change, CBS shortened two of the originally ordered 13 episodes of the first season.

The biopic series revolves around a stoic husband and father from the American Midwest who loses his belt job at a car company and makes the daring decision to turn his hobby bowling into a career. Soon he becomes a professional ball roller and thus earns the bread for his family. Tom knows from his favorite sport: Even if you hit the first throw, there is still a second chance. He can also be sure of the steadfast support of his loving wife Jen (Katie Lowes) and his mentor Archie (Chi McBride). On the lanes of Archie’s bowling center “Archie’s Lanes: Home of the Curly Fry“Tom is in a sense at home.

Julie White (Grace, Designated Survivor) plays Tom’s mother, Helen Smallwood. How We Roll is written by Mark Gross (Man with a Plan, Mike & Molly). The pilot episode was directed by Mark Cendrowski (The Big Bang Theory).

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