CBAt summons athletes to the South American Race March

(Wagner Carmo/CBAt)

The Brazilian Athletics Confederation (CBAt) released this Friday (14/1), in a live live, the list of athletes qualified to represent the country in the South American Championship of the modality, scheduled for the 5th and 6th of February in Lima, Peru. The list was defined after the contest of the Copa Brasil Loterias Caixa de Marcha Athlética, held on January 9, at Bragança Garden Shopping, in Bragança Paulista.

-Convocation of the Winter Olympics will be Monday

CBAt followed the convening criteria approved by the entity’s Technical Council. The leaders of the 2021 Brazilian Rankings and the top three in the Copa Brasil were called. There is the possibility of CBAt calling new marchers, as some athletes are qualified to compete in the 20 km and 35 km, for example. Caio Bonfim, bronze medalist at the London 2017 World Cup, has yet to make up his mind. “I will think and see the conditions. I will decide soon.”

“We will have a great team, with total capacity to make a good competition in Lima”, said the technical manager of CBAt, Domingos Pandeló. “It is the first international competition of 2022 and we are excited.”


The chairman of the Board of Directors of CBAt, Wlamir Motta Campos, made the call live for the community, in the name of transparency and following the measures adopted in 2021 for the Brazilian teams. “The march, as I like to say, is the chess of athletics. It requires discipline, strategy, planning. I hope that all those called up defend Brazil in the best possible way. CBAt will give full support to the most experienced, such as Caio Bonfim and Érica Sena, our hopes for Paris-2024, and for all young people, who will be able to shine in the future.”

The relationship is as follows:

in female

20 km Adult
Érica Sena (Pinheiros-SP) – 1st in the 2021 Brazilian Ranking
Gabriela de Souza Muniz (CASO-DF) – Copa Brasil champion
Laryssa Fernanda Frois (Curitiba SMELJ-PR) – 2nd in Copa Brasil
Bruna Batista de Oliveira (AABLU-SC) – 3rd in Copa Brasil

35 Km Adult
Érica Sena (Pinheiros-SP) – 1st in the Brazilian Adult Ranking
Elianay Santana Barbosa (CASO-DF) – Copa Brasil champion
Viviane Santana Lyra (AFV-RJ) – 2nd in Copa Brasil
Mayara Luize Vicentainer (Timbo-SC) – 3rd in Copa Brasil

10 km Sub-20
Lilian Bittencourt (Balneário Camboriú-SC) – Copa Brasil champion
Gabriela Santos de Almeida (CSSO-DF) – 2nd in Copa Brasil
Gabrielly Cristina dos Santos (FECAM/ASSERCAM-PR) – 3rd in the Copa Brasil
Karlana Malaghini Pavinato (Balneário Camboriú-SC) – 4th in Copa Brasil

5 km Sub-18
Gabrielly Pereira Neves (CASO-DF) – Brazil Cup champion
Josefa Raiane Costa (AERO-RN) – 2nd in Copa Brasil
Maria Luiza Rabelo Jaime (Curitiba SMELJ-PR) – 3rd in Copa Brasil
Marina Marques Ferreira (CASO-DF) – 4th in Copa Brasil

not masculine

20 km Adult
Caio Bonfim (CASO-DF) – 1st in the 2021 Brazilian Ranking
Matheus Gabriel Correa (AABLU-SC) – Copa Brasil champion
Lucas Mazzo (CASO-DF) – 2nd in Copa Brasil
Paulo Henrique Ribeiro (AABLU-SC) – 3rd in Copa Brasil

35 km Adult
Caio Bonfim (CASO-DF) – 1st in the 2021 Brazilian Ranking and champion of the Copa Brasil
Diego Pereira Lima (CASO-DF) – 2nd in Copa Brasil
Max Batista dos Santos (CASO-DF) – 3rd in Copa Brasil
Rudney Dias Nogueira (UCA-SC) – 4th in Copa Brasil

10 km Sub-20
Heron Rodrigues Miranda (Balneário Camboriú-SC) – 1st in the 2021 Brazilian Ranking and champion of the Copa Brasil
Isaac Rodrigues de Andrade (CASO-DF) – 2nd in Copa Brasil
João Victor Magalhães (CASO-DF) – 3rd in Copa Brasil
Edson Erico Aguiar (Athletes with Future-PE) – 4th in Copa Brasil

10 km Sub-18
Emanuel Pereira de Sena (CASO-DF) – Copa Brasil champion
Klaubert Emanoel de Franca (CASO-DF) – 2nd in Copa Brasil
Kauã Lucas Gasparin (PM Colombo-PR) – 3rd in Copa Brasil
Santiago David Urbina (CASO-DF) – 4th in Copa Brasil

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