“Cato” premieres, on the power of art in the face of adversity, starring Tiago PZK

This Thursday opens Cato, debut feature by Peta Rivero and Hornos and also the debut in the cinema of the popular freestyler Tiago PZK, who with barely 20 years is the protagonist of a story of overcoming through art in a context of violence and exclusion.

Tiago PZK plays Cato, a musician who seeks to succeed in the world of trap from a poor neighborhood in the Buenos Aires suburbs, where he is the support of his mother and younger sister. While he seeks to transcend, in parallel he is involved in a tragedy that will not only affect his life forever, but will mean an apparent closure to the young man’s dreams of going out with his family from that neighborhood, which seems to condemn him to a destiny of poverty. and marginality.

“In the first place, what I wanted to do was a film related to music and the talented people in this country who do not get anywhere because they are not given an opportunity or because the system prevents them,” said Peta Rivero and Hornos in an interview with the news agency Telam.

The director, who comes from the world of advertising and filming video clips for numerous artists, saw in Tiago the ideal person to star in his first film -which has some points in common with 8 Mile, by Curtis Hanson with Eminem-, which also includes Daniel Aráoz, Alberto Ajaka, Magela Zanotta, Rocío Hernández, Azul Fernández and Walter Donado in its cast.

“When Peta told me the story I felt very identified in many things and also because I am from the Conurbano, where the door to the Capital is close, we can open it and pass it, but there is always like a mirror in that door that only leaves you see the same place where you were born ”, Tiago described when recounting how he accepted the challenge.

The first thing Peta Rivero y Hornos wanted to make was a film “as realistic as possible.” “And that’s why I didn’t want it to be in a super deprived neighborhood, I chose a neighborhood where the factories are closed and everything that was left around after that, I wanted to show the people of those places without denigrating them. And music has to do with my history, I developed in the underground as a DJ for more than 20 years, I was always very involved with music, even when I started working in advertising and making video clips with people like Wos or Dakillah, among many others ”, related the director.

For his part, Tiago said that when the proposal for the film came to him, he was very focused on his musical career. “Peta contacted someone on my team. When we finally met, he told me the story and I felt very identified with many things. Cato, the character I play, is from a village, he wants to dedicate himself to music but does not have the resources and with that I identify myself, with the desire, the hunger and the dreams, all that has many points in common with my life ” , the musician pointed out.

Among the surprises of the film there is an involuntary crime. “The character suffers from a lot of things, but we must not forget that he is 19 years old, that he has a goal but does not know how to achieve it and that he is impulsive like anyone at that age, where a little thing can become a tremendous tragedy. I think he is a character that you fall in love with because you see him suffer and that suffering is credible. And what Tiago does is something special, he has something very peculiar, which is how he transmits emotions to people and that is in his work as Cato, where he generates a very beautiful empathy, “said Peta Rivero y Hornos. And Tiago added: “The film talks about a difficult environment and the possibility of the protagonist getting out of there through music. Is art the only possibility for a good part of the boys who live in places like that? ”He wondered.

“Everyone has their dreams, you can go out being anything”, responds the director. “But you have to fight for what you dream of, but it’s complicated, sometimes it’s like going against the tide. But it is also true that if you do not jump into the void someone is going to jump for you. It was difficult to get into the head of someone who, without revealing anything, sends such shit as Cato, but it is good that the film has that, because otherwise, people might think that it is a film about a kid who is a musician and that ends becoming famous, the obvious thing, but no, the film takes a swerve that surprises you, “he added.

Regarding the relationship between the musician and the actors, many with a long history, who complete the cast, the director said: “Something incredible was achieved, immediately there was a connection between Daniel Magela Zanotta and Rocío Hernández, who are Tiago’s mother and sister in fiction. When I wrote the script I didn’t think of Tiago, but in his real life he has a mother and a sister. The truth is that all the professional actors hugged him, and at the same time he also sucked on them, it was a very beautiful construction ”.

Cato He has “Loco” on his soundtrack, a song by Tiago that describes the situation the character is going through. “I have as a law that music is feeling, I don’t make music to play on the radio and stuff, it’s not my idea, when my career started to explode it was with themes that talked about my life, about gender violence, of things that I lived, real things, of real feelings. I think we all have the loss of a relative, a pain inside like the one reflected in the theme and that is what is key when making music, that the people who listen to it not only like it because of the sound but that it reaches them to the heart”.

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