Catherine Ringer has malasia in the middle of a concert, on the stage of the Forum de Liège

It was to be a festive evening at the Liège Forum this Thursday, before new restrictions may be imposed from tomorrow in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Liège room hosted the tour of Catherine Ringer. surrounded by her group the Rita Mitsouko.

But this celebration came to an end. After less than 3 titles only, the 64-year-old singer collapsed on stage, suddenly, victim of discomfort. Obviously believing in a stage performance on his part, his musicians continue to play. It is only after long seconds, which seem interminable, that someone approaches her. Everyone understands that this is not part of the show. Catherine Ringer says: “I can’t sing”. She is on all fours, rescued by her musicians who help her leave the stage. The concert was over, of course.

The video that shows the moment when the singer collapses is impressive.

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