Fortnite Shop January 28, 2022 – Fortnite

Fortnite Store January 9, 2022 - Fortnite

Every day at one o’clock in the morning, Epic Games updates the fortnite shop by offering new cosmetic items, ranging from character skins, pickaxes, gliders and dances. You will find, below, all the cosmetics available on the date of January 28, 2022 on the boutique Fortnite. Featured Items Everyday Objects Everything you need to know … Read More

Unlock hidden Android features with USSD codes

A smartphone displaying apps on its home screen, along with USSD codes floating on its sides.

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, leading the market with 70 percent of users worldwide, according to figures from StatCounter. So, if you’ve been using an Android device for a while, you might be familiar with USSD codes. USSD (Unstructured Data Supplementary Service, for its acronym in English) is a … Read More

Taming cats made their brains shrink

A study says that the brain of house cats shrunk due to the domestication process.

A study by researchers at the University of Vienna and the National Museums of Scotland concluded that the brain of domestic cats is smaller than that of their wild ancestors in Africa. Previous research indicates that the domestication of animals tends to translate into a decrease in brain size, a situation that has been documented … Read More

Lamborghini Gallardo transforms into Monterossa Speedster

The DRVN Concepts team has just created the strangest Lamborghini Gallardo in the world. Welcome to the Monterossa, an open-top Lamborghini Gallardo, a speedster, which sacrifices body panels in the name of experience. This supercar is produced in a limited series: if you want one, you must contact DRVN Concepts today to reserve one of … Read More