The oldest DNA remains in history found in Greenland

The oldest DNA remains in history found in Greenland

Magazine Nature advanced a spectacular discovery, since in greenland The oldest traces of DNA were found in sediments left over from the Ice Age. The tiny fragments of DNA molecules, preserved in clay and quartz, are estimated to date back two million years, making them the oldest specimens yet discovered. The record was previously in … Read More

Rocket League Store December 8, 2022 – Rocket League

Rocket League Store December 6, 2022 - Rocket League

Every day at 9 p.m., Psyonix updates the Rocket League Item Shop by offering new cosmetic items, including chassis, decals, turbo boosts, goal blasts, wheels, player banners, attachments, and trails of any rarity, ranging from rare to very rare, including the imported and the exotic to finish with the Black MarketFrenchified in Black market. You … Read More

Five apps you should try before the end of 2022

Five apps that you must try before the end of 2022.

In a world of apps, it’s easy to lose sight of apps that are truly relevant to people on a more than just a functional level. That is to say: they could miss one that allows them to project their personal image or get a moment of calm in a stressful situation. So that this … Read More

PlayStation Demo Fest offers demos of four indie titles

Adrenaline Offer Center: selection of discounts and lowest prices

From a fantasy world to trying to park a car PS4 and PS5 owners can try some titles coming to the platform in a few months. as part of PlayStation Demo Fest 2022, Sony has announced that four titles are with demos available on the PlayStation Store. Thirsty Suitors: PS4/PS5 (no release date) Outerloop Games … Read More

Disney+’s new ad-supported payment plan debuts

Disney+'s new ad-supported payment plan debuts

The new Disney+ ad-based tier launches today. And while it’s not exactly the sort of thing that should require a lot of explaining—it’s a bit less expensive at $8 a month—but it also has ads, there’s one important thing to keep in mind. This new ad-based level is not available if you are in Roku. … Read More

Personalized gifts for the whole family: our top 5 recommendations

Personalized gifts for the whole family: our top 5 recommendations

Personalized gifts are especially nice for the family. imago images / Shotshop Personalized gifts are always a hit with family. Whether it’s a puzzle, card game or your own book, with a personalized gift you give something special. Read on and discover great inspiration. Personalized gifts for the family: A family puzzle There are many … Read More