Alkaptonuria: why does urine turn black?

Alkaptonuria: why does urine turn black?

Visits: 5.437 Alkaptonuria is rare and causes the production of blackish urine and pigmentation of various tissues. Learn what causes it and how it affects the quality of life. Alkaptonuria is part of a group of rare diseases called inborn errors of metabolism. It is rare and is caused by a deficiency of the homogentisic … Read More

Chaco has 79 active cases of Covid-19

Chaco is below 2,000 active cases of coronavirus

The Ministry of Public Health of Chaco reports that, Until this Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 12 new infected with Covid-19 have been registered. With them, there are already 100,412 confirmed cases, since the beginning of the pandemic. From them, 98,051 people have already been discharged and 79 cases remain with the active virus. From this … Read More

“The missionary woman should not be afraid to undergo studies against breast cancer,” said the deputy governor of Misiones

breast cancer

Every October 19, the International Day to Fight Breast Cancer is commemorated. Carlos Arce, deputy governor of the province of Misiones, asserted that it is essential that women study once a year. “The reflection that can be made on the World Day of the fight against Breast Cancer is that today the missionary woman must … Read More

Disadvantages of using tampons that every woman should know

6 disadvantages of using tampons that every woman should know

Visits: 8.461 The use of the tampon in feminine hygiene does not have to suppose, in principle, any risk for the health of the woman. One of the most important aspects is the control of time and the replacement of this small element. Using tampons has both advantages and disadvantages. The latter involve greater care, … Read More