George RR Martin wanted the HBO series to be much longer

photo, Emilia Clarke

The agent of George RR Martin, the author of the Game of Thrones cycle, revealed that the latter is asking HBO for a series Game of Thrones longer. Game of Thrones has long been the allegory of “too good to be true”. Considered the best series of all time by millions of fans, watched worldwide, … Read More

discover the beautiful Pop figures to collect

discover the beautiful Pop figures to collect

The American toy brand, Funko, has released many figures bearing the effigy of the saga Dragon Ball and you can find these Pops directly in our shop. Be careful if you are fans, you will crack and that’s good, because in this moment there is an offer 3 bought the 4th offered. Dragon Ball: an … Read More

This is how the scandalous marriages of Cayetano Rivera were

This is how the scandalous marriages of Cayetano Rivera were

Cayetano Rivera He is famous as a bullfighter and model and, despite keeping a low profile, also for starring in numerous scandals, such as those involving your two marriages. Next, we share the keys and tell you everything there is to know about it. Cayetano Rivera and Blanca Romero: the beginning of the scandals Regarding … Read More

how to choose the right Christmas tree?

Houses of the world

A Christmas without him is unthinkable! The Christmas tree is THE star of the end of the year celebrations. And for good reason, it is around him that the whole family gathers on December 25 in the early morning. Also it is important not to take the act of buying the tree lightly… so as … Read More

Hawkeye hit the mark, bro?

Serial Junkies Podcast: Is Hawkeye Hitting the Bulls, Bro?

Does Hawkeye hit the mark with us serial junkies? (c) Disney + / Marvel Studios Adam and Hanna watched the first two episodes of the Marvel series Hawkeye and know the original comic. Does Disney + meet our tastes with the restart? And is Lucky the Pizza Dog a good boy? This time, both Adam … Read More

niche film review

Clifford : photo, Darby Camp

Red terror Shortly after the trailer for Clifford, we had had unexpected success by inventing horrific intentions for him. To our dismay, many were the lunar comments not to detect our doubtful humor and to take us back to the first degree, even to urge us to correct our clumsiness. So let’s stay “professionals” – … Read More

Nike x OFF-White shoe prices soar after Virgil Abloh’s death

Best Nike Shoes on Sale at Kings Black Friday

The resale market is relentless The death of designer Virgil Abloh has shocked the hip-hop, tennis and streetwear communities. Although he has privately battled a rare form of cancer since 2019, the last two years leading up to Abloh’s death have been some of the most ambitious of his career, with the designer serving as … Read More

you’re not about to see the Joker again at James Gunn’s

you're not about to see the Joker again at James Gunn's

American director James Gunn, who breathed new life into the license Suicide Squad, has yet cut that of one of the biggest characters of all roster DC, with this statement: the Joker. Future projects A more NSFW version than David Ayer’s in 2016, the Suicide Squad Sauce 2021, directed by James Gunn, received best press. … Read More