Health Authorities of the Los Lagos region confirmed cases of coronavirus associated with MU variant, while they focus the work on the detection of the Deltas that accumulate 22 confirmed cases in the area, 5 travelers and more than 800 close contacts.

According to the total number of cases sequenced and genotyped, it was confirmed that in the region there are a total of 22 confirmed cases of Delta, 17 with patients of local residence and 5 travelers. Of all of them, to date only 3 cases remain active.

This was commented by the Professional of Epidemiology of the Seremi de Salud, Jacqueline Cáceres, who reported the breakdown of infections with the variant with the highest transmissibility.

Similarly, Cáceres explained that to date an important work has been carried out with the detection of probable cases, probable active cases and close contacts.

Regarding infections, which could be associated with the MU variant, a variant that has shown prevalence in the country, it was confirmed that although they are treated as normal cases of coronavirus -with quarantines of 11 days- to date, 14 have been detected cases associated with the new variant, where only 3 are active in the commune of Castro.

Finally, it was reported that this last variant has been added within the surveillance analyzes due to its worldwide condition.