Casanello’s request in the cause of the K money route that brings Cristina Fernández de Kirchner closer to the dismissal

One of the most emblematic causes that weighs on Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and for which the businessman was already convicted Lazaro Baez, her four children and her former accountant, among others, are now going through a stage that may leave the vice president one step away from her dismissal.

In detail, the judge Sebastián Casanello He received the request from the Federal Chamber for him to conclude the case and close it. After this, the magistrate requested the intervention of the plaintiff, represented by the AFIP and for the UIF, so that they can present measures of evidence and even oppose the closing of the case “due to lack of merit”, as requested by the appeals court.

In other words, what the Federal Chamber asked is that the judge Weather in Casanello end the era of instruction and close the case. However, it is possible that the prosecutors request more measures and, thus, with measures in progress, the judge may not resolve the dismissal.


“It is up to let the a quo (Weather in Casanello) that must comply with the terms established in art. 207 of the CPPN in order to resolve the pending procedural situations and definitively conclude the investigation of the present case, “says the Camera.

For its part, now the AFIP and the UIF They must respond to the judge’s request within an estimated period of three days. The Anti-Corruption Office He resigned from being the plaintiff when there was a change of Government and Alberto Fernández became head of the Executive Branch.

Details of the “lack of merit”

As the journalist and lawyer Lourdes Marchese explained, “Casanello Hearing of what was requested by Cassation was sent to the plaintiffs and the Prosecutor. Currently, based on Art. 309 of the Criminal Procedure Code, at the moment only three people have a lack of merit (art. 309 CPP): Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Juan Pedro Damiani Sobrero and Antonio Demarco.

In addition, after explaining all the current judicial status of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Marchese He slipped that “the Chamber’s intervention is striking, because it does so in an incident involving another issue, specifically the prosecution of Ramos, and it is not usual for them to ask you to stop investigating.”

Finally, he pointed out that “currently the case has measures underway, and the striking thing is still that the same Chamber that requested Cristina’s investigation is now asking for the closure of the case.”

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