Carolina Losada: "People realized that the government was leading us straight to the iceberg"

“What I am asking is that we get together today because I would like us to be all together, united, for what is to come”, insisted the candidate of Together for Change in an effort to put cold cloths on the controversy. And, regarding the general elections in November, she said: “Although another party starts, all of us in Together for Change are going to be united and I am convinced that we are going to win both seats.”

In statements to the program “The first in the morning”, which is issued by LT8, Losada commented: “I was not surprised by the result because we were first in the pollsBut the truth is that we were alone with the people who gave us a lot of love and affection on the street, but the truth is that we did not have references from outside the province who were supporting us ”.


“The important thing is that Together for Change is united and that we go for the general”, Emphasized the journalist, who jumped from the American screen to the Santa Fe political arena and achieved a very good result in Las Paso, and pointed out:“ There are no great differences between us, with whom we are different is with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner , with Omar perotti, but we are all together ”.

“The big problem is insecurity”

“People realized that the national government was leading us directly to the iceberg, without taking note of what was happening, with issues on the agenda that did not interest us, “he said when reflecting on the performance of the ruling party in Las Paso. And he explained: ““ The governor of Santa Fe was elected with the promise of peace and order that never came, promising that he would end the drug and the drug spread throughout the province ”.

“In all the tours we realized that although the problems of each region are different, because the province is different, there is a common problem: insecurity”Said Losada, who imposed his image with a media campaign that sought to clearly differentiate himself from the ruling party. “Having Cristina behind was the bet to show what you are not, to differentiate yourself from what you are not”he explained.

Regarding the differences he has with his internal rivals, he said: “Now I want to see the visions of each and every one of the Juntos por el Cambio candidates to join forces and move forward. We will all be together because We have as an adversary Kirchnerism, populism, also the Perotti government that he is doing everything wrong, just like Alberto Fernández and Cristinta Fernández de Kirchner ”.

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