Carolina Haldemann gave details of how she found out she was pregnant four months after having divorced

Carolina Haldemann, is going through the divorce from her ex-husband Emanuel Fernández Bollini. However, she recently said that she is pregnant with her first child with her current partner Leo. In dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen for Mitre Live, The driver revealed the sex of the baby and told how she felt when she found out about the pregnancy.

The panelist expressed what she felt when she heard the news: “I’m going through a lot of changes and processes that maybe happens to many and I decided to manage my time to tell what happens to me in the first person. I was not the mother who was delighted when she saw the pregnancy test. As a woman I had the dream of having a family but at first I was scared”.

Regarding this, the driver asked her if she had doubts about continuing the pregnancy and she admitted that she did: “Did you ever doubt having the baby?Juan asked him. “Yes, they are things that go through your head and you shuffle all the possibilities“, answered.

Then he counted: “I had a mixture of impressive sensations that is why the support of the person next to you, your partner, is fundamental for me “, detailed Carolina, who learned that she was expecting a baby 4 months after separating from her ex-husband.

Etchegoyen also asked him about the name that the baby was going to give him and if they had options. “It is very difficult, everything it is so hard, when you know you’re gonna call someone like that forever“, declared the model and stressed that she never thought of a name in case she had a child.

Haldemann finally said that her baby will be a boy. “I got the results yesterday, there is a genetic analysis that can be done before three months and, in addition to telling you how the pregnancy is going, it tells you the sex by analysis of laboratory. It came to me on the piece of paper that it is a male”, She said excitedly.

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