Carmen Villalobos gave a spicy message about Coffee with the aroma of a woman

The Colombian actress, Carmen Villalobos placeholder imageOver the years, he has shown his great talent for acting in various strips of Latin American television. She also conquered everyone with her interpretation in the novel “Without Se … there is no Paradise” where he played the role of Catalina Santana. This great interaction made his fame grow by leaps and bounds.

However this time Carmen Villalobos placeholder image It is a trend in the various news portals since a few hours ago he shared a series of photos with Diego cadavid that surprised all his followers. The same was posted on his Instagram account where once again the talented coffee maker caught all eyes.

While to the aforementioned photographs the beautiful actress added the spicy message: “What did you think, that this pair of Machiavellians were defeated? Hahahaha, in their dreams !! ???? The most explosive is yet to come … ?? Iván @cadaviddiego and Lucia are ready for revenge, in The last chapters of @cafeconaroma by @telemundo and @canalrcn You can’t miss them! And remember … In long war there is revenge … ?????? How did you find the burning chemistry of these two? “

For his part, in his personal life, he is doing in the best way since a couple of years ago he married the Colombian actor Sebastian CaicedoSo from that moment on they share various memories of their life together. However, in recent months it has not been all rosy since Sebastian he got sick with coronavirus and it was quite complicated. Luckily, he has recovered and is currently in good health.

Changing the subject, this great popularity that he possesses is reflected in his social networks Since every time you post, your followers react immediately with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments praising your great beauty as well as everything you share. This makes Carmen Villalobos placeholder image be one of the most important influencers in the coffee country.


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