Carmen Salinas’ state of health is complicated

It has been approximately 2 weeks since it was announced -through different media- the health condition of the actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image, after having suffered a stroke.

It was from his nephew Gustavo Briones, who revealed details that unfortunately Carmen Salinas placeholder image still serious and his health condition it’s still the same as when he was admitted to the hospital.

In the same vein, the actress’s granddaughter was also present and revealed that doctors – until now – have tried various forms of treatment for the actress. Essentially, they were referring to the way they feed you and give you oxygen while you’re in a coma.

The politician’s granddaughter said that the surgical process they performed was very complex and consequently – to feed her while she is in a coma – consists of an opening in front of the neck that, precisely, is made during emergency procedures or a planned surgery.

It is worth clarifying that the 82-year-old actress and politician already suffered from high blood pressure problems and was delicate. However, the hopes – at least for his followers – remain intact because they have sent him their good vibes so that he can recover soon.

Carmen Salinas’ state of health is complicated

After being publicly known that the actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image, popularly known as “Carmelita” was serious, her colleagues and producers are waiting for every minute of her evolution. This is because, prior to the brain hemorrhage that she suffered and now has her in a coma, the actress was working on a television production.

It is worth noting that said work has been suspended -for the moment- since Carmelita was being part of the cast of the telenovela “My fortune is to love you”.

Now, the followers of this production, as well as the fans in general, are increasingly aware of everything that happens around the health condition, although it has been formally announced that his role in said production, will be replaced.

“SOURCE: El Universal”

At the moment, in addition to the situation of Carmen Salinas placeholder image It is worrying and discouraging, the only thing that was assured is that he would no longer be able to work after coming out of the coma. We send you good vibes and a speedy recovery.

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