Carlos Muñoz in trend for humiliating the waiter who attended his conference and debate deleted, networks tunden him

MEXICO CITY.- Carlos Munoz, an entrepreneur lecturer, became a trend after they remembered several moments by which they tuned him on social networks. It all started after the driver Leonardo Arriaga share a fragment of an interview with the youtuber from Mexicali Gusgri in which he asks Muñoz why he deleted the debate with Diego Ruzzarin.

Carlos Muñoz assured that this debate with Diego Ruzzarin He arrived drunk after partying with the singer Alejandro “Potrillo” Fernández and tired after having “a full work schedule, class in the morning, session with investors, lunch with master members and a helicopter meeting with partners.”

Internet users consider that Ruzzarin exhibited Carlos Muñoz in that debate and he once revealed that Muñoz asked him to remove that content from both channels.

Nets tunden Carlos Muñoz after teasing the waiter

After his statements about how he got to the debate in which they consider that he was exhibited, Carlos Muñoz became a trend in social networks and Internet users they recalled several moments for which they have criticized him.

One of the most cited was the video in one of his entrepreneurship conferences in which makes fun of the waiter who attended his event and whom he thanked shortly before for his work. He said the waiter was not on his course because he “lacks hunger.”

After this, the networks mentioned that the waiter was able to enjoy that lecture by Carlos Muñoz without having to pay for it, they mentioned the meme themselves “insults that will carry more weight in future generations” for those parents who have paid for a Muñoz conference.

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