Carlos Muñoz criticized on social networks for degrading a waiter

Social media users have gone against the influencer Carlos Muñoz for humiliating a waiter who I was working on one of the talks he gives.

In a video fragment that circulates on Twitter, Muñoz is seen giving a talk, it is then that goes to the waiter who is serving in the catering service, as it is known, and says through the microphone:

“That dude who is standing there, who is working here today, and I really appreciate your work, he is there and he is not sitting here because he is not hungry because if he had saved the last three months he would have had today and sat here. No, he is not hungry, he is comfortable where he is and I can return in 20 years and he can be in the same position. “

This derogatory way of referring to the worker has unleashed all kinds of responses and memes towards the influencer known for offering motivational and entrepreneurial talks.

“For your information, those hardworking citizens that you qualify as ‘those who are not hungry’ they are exactly the people who have had the fewest opportunities and who make the most effort every day to get their families and country forward, “reads a Twitter comment.

“If Carlos Muñoz were a millionaire I shouldn’t be selling courses on how to be a millionaire“reads another.

The video fragment dates from 2020 and according to another video that Muñoz published on his channel gave said waiter a scholarship.

Other responses from social network users point to the fact that Muñoz’s courses cost thousands of pesos and in that sense the waiter was smarter than him “He did not pay for your 60,000 expensive course and I hear your speech as a charlatan sells free smoke,” said one user.


There are also those who say that this was predicted by “The Simpsons” because in an episode they talk about pyramid schemes but in disguise, since Muñoz has been singled out for this.

The Querétaro-born businessman owns two companies, a consultancy called 4S Real Estate and another called Instituto 11, with which he promotes entrepreneurship.



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