Carlos Melconian gave his opinion on the elections and said that there are chances of “breaking Berretalandia”

The economist and former president of Banco Nación, Carlos Melconian, referred to the defeat of the Frente de Todos in the PASO elections and made a criticism of the Argentine economic panorama. There, he indicated that if the Government goes out to “burn the ships”, the result will be more inflation.

“Now this government is beginning to doubt. There is no room for a rudder shift. There are governments that begin to perceive that they are irremovable, “he said. Melconian a Radio Miter.

In order to detail more precisely, Melconian He used a soccer analogy, using the game that the Argentine National Team lost 5-0 against Colombia in 1993. “Coco Basile told the players, calm down, calm down. If they hole 6, you did not have the playoff. Now you have to put together two lines of four and start to last ”, he explained.

People appeared who cannot handle a kiosk or a merry-go-round. That people see them and get scared. This has already happened in Argentina. In 2014-2015, in 2018-2019. There are governments that last. The message is that there is a way out and you don’t have to go crazy in two months, “he said.

Regarding that if the Government is going to “burn the ships” before the general elections in November, Melconian He stated that “if they go crazy, we are going to a higher inflation path. The exchange market can be exacerbated and you will run out of bread and cake ”.

On the other hand, he did not hesitate to mention the Minister of Economy of the Nation, Martin Guzman, and detached it from the general problem. “The model is inconsistent, It is not the kid (Guzmán) who is responsible for the defeat. He had an inconsistent schedule from day one. Another fantasy is the drop in inflation, which is temporary. The rebound in activity is transitory. In these two months, the Government has to keep calm, not heat up, get out of the exchange market format of the last three months and the angel of inflation will accompany them to liquefy “.

Minister Guzmán is being questioned by a wing of the national ruling party.

He also mentioned the recent rise in Argentine stocks on Wall Street and stated that “we don’t want drunkards. Argentina has a big quilombo and it comes out step by step with solid foundations. Of this fuck of the hot money and 18% of the actions no. That the assets of Argentina are recovered steadily with a program over a period of 10 years. Not all these crazy people who cheat with Argentina and leave. We are not for 1500 risk either. Yesterday is very good in every way ”.

And he added: “This was very good, in a while they will see that it came well. They were drunk. What is this radicalization, we go for everything? We had fallen very low. Today there are chances of breaking berretalandia“.

“The Argentine society yesterday said ‘don’t lie to me anymore’, tell me the truth. It is very important to see what we Argentines do in the next two years. The only ones who are excluded are the extremes. There is no place for hawks or for Venezuela ”, he concluded.

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