Careful Prices: the Government intends to freeze the price of about 1,000 products for 90 days

Representatives of some 30 companies participated in the meeting with the secretary production companies that concentrate most of the supply of food, cleaning and personal hygiene products, such as Arcor, Molinos, La Serenísima and Mondelez, among others.

“In his management, which has just started, Feletti’s priority is to curb upward trends in the prices of mass consumer products,” indicated official spokesmen.

In that sense, Meetings with each company are expected to be repeated in the next few days to review the specific cases and to specify the effective commitment to maintain the prices in force at the beginning of October for almost three months.

Feletti’s request is justified in that “strong economic growth is expected from now on, with high seasonal consumption in the latter part of the year, with greater circulation as the pandemic lessens,” the sources stated.


The idea is to keep the Care Prices plan unchanged until January 7.

Given the “objective conditions for the market to expand, businessmen have everything to gain by increasing production, and what cannot happen is that this increase in consumption is to the detriment or detriment of consumers,” they indicated.

In addition, they specified that they work together with businessmen and supermarkets in to expand the list of products included in Care Prices, from 670 to more than 1,000, with the aim of “reducing the weight of the basic basket on popular incomes.”

To this end, Feletti will meet this Wednesday also with the chambers that group supermarkets, wholesalers and warehouses, the sources announced.

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