Cardozo supported the application of the Sinopharm vaccine in children aged 3 to 11 years

The Minister of Health of the Province, Diego Cardozo placeholder image, supported the application of vaccines from the Sinopharm laboratory in children from 3 to 11 years old, as authorized by ANMAT and the National Government. Within the framework of the application that is carried out in boys and girls, the official went to the Argentine Pavilion with his two children to apply the vaccine and affirmed: “We have been promoting vaccination. We brought our 6 and 7 year old children, my wife is a pediatrician, everything is going very well ”.

In this sense, he called for a “message of confidence” about the use of the vaccine, which he defended in the following terms: “The Sinopharm vaccine is a vaccine with a very safe platform, it is attenuated viruses, that is, one of the the platforms that are best known in the world for many years ”. “There are practically no contraindications,” he said.

“The community has certainty, the doses of the vaccines for the entire group of 3 to 11 years are complete, that is, there is the first and second component for a complete scheme,” he said, confirming that the vaccines are already in the country. more than 12 million vaccines needed to complete the two necessary applications, in each case.

In this context, Cardozo distanced himself from the criticisms that some people have made about this vaccine in children and emphasized that “sometimes we question things that other times we do not question.” In this regard, he ruled out the need for a special dose for minors, considering that these “are standard doses that are applied both in the pediatric part and in the adult part.”

Application of a third dose

On this issue, which has been raised lately, the official acknowledged that there is dialogue between specialists, but that it is not a discussion that is being formally given in the country, at this time.

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“It is under discussion, but it is not something that we have decided or that we have specifically discussed in the Federal Health Council,” he concluded.

Video: Channel 10 – Photo LMDiario

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