Carbonara pasta, the recipe you absolutely must try

There are those mysteries on which we never fully lift the veil… Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle or even… the origin of carbonara pasta. Because if you think that the history of the traditional Italian dish equals its simplicity of execution, you have it all wrong. Many stories circulate and dispute the origin of pasta “alla carbonara”. However, one of them catches our attention and takes us to the heart of the Apennines, a mountain range in the Alpine belt, where the “carbonari” were in charge of extracting charcoal in the 19th century. These workers ate invigorating dishes to compensate for their long days in the forest, with products easy to find in the mountains and keep well, such as pasta with eggs, cheese, and bacon.

But in this story, as in the others, one thing is certain: there was never any question of adding fresh cream. Past the theory, let’s get into the practice and adopt the delicious carbonara pasta recipe from Italian chef Gabriele Muti. An ever popular dish and a staple of Italian cuisine.

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Pasta carbonara

For 2 people

200g of Amatrice bacon
200g of half-sleeve pasta
4 egg yolks
200g of pecorino romano fromage


Brown the guanciale, cut into small pieces, in a saucepan. Do not add anything.
Let it sweat.
In a saucepan, bring the water to a boil.
In a salad bowl, prepare the egg yolks and grated pecorino romano, whip until you obtain a fairly dense cream.
Cook the pasta to 3/4 of the cooking time, drain then mix with the guanciale, adding the pasta water to finish cooking.
Remove the pan from the heat, let cool for a few moments then add the cream of eggs and pecorino.
Mix, then serve.

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