Capitanich: “The only guarantee of having a free, just and sovereign homeland is winning on November 14"

The governor and president of the Chaco Justicialista Party, Jorge Capitanich, led an act this Wednesday at the Don Bosco Resistance Club, convened by the Labor and People’s Party (PTP), and the Combative Classist Current (CCC), members of the Front by Todos Chaco.

“The only guarantee that we can have a free, just and sovereign homeland is winning on November 14 on the basis of the unity of our people,” said Capitanich, adding: “The unity of the popular camp is built on the basis of memory. . That is why I ask you for active, affective and effective militancy in political terms. We have to be able to visit house to house, to guarantee the most resounding electoral victory in favor of this project ”.

The event was attended by the candidate for national deputy Juan Manuel Pedrini, the provincial deputy and president of the PTP Rodolfo Schwartz, the candidate for provincial deputy Alicia Torres, the CCC leader Gladis Favretto, the president of the Chaco Peasant Federation Víctor Gómez .

“It is necessary to tell the merchants that in order for them to sell and improve their income, the workers must have decent wages. And this happens when there is a state present that strengthens purchasing power. It is necessary to tell small and medium businessmen that the oligarchs of Buenos Aires are not going to solve their problems “, the president expanded and remarked: “The popular governments have a systematic plan for empowerment and expansion of rights, but nothing is achieved without unity in the struggle.”

In turn, the deputy from the Chaco Front Rodolfo Schwartz expressed his support for the Frente de Todos and called for “working for the unity necessary to stop the passage of sectors that come for everything, and that in Chaco are the radicals.” The president of the PTP remarked that “if there is diversity, there are differences, but that should not be an impediment to continue the fight. We must work for the triumph of the list of the Frente de Todos and block the way to these sectors that want to go back 100 years in the matter of rights ”. Schwartz especially called on his political force to vote and to vote house to house in the military.

On the other hand, the candidate for national deputy Juan Manuel Pedrini stated: “I personally thank Schwartz for his political devotion and his vision towards the future. The mandate given to us by that Assembly is that we obstruct the neoliberal policies of Together for Change, which in the Chaco are sectors of the radicalism that agreed with neoliberalism. That is the truth that Schwartz exposed and he is right. The sectors of radicalism of convictions make up our political Front. This is unity in diversity, ”said the head of the Justicialist caucus.

Pedrini remarked that “it was a political act with democratic dialogue. They respectfully presented their legitimate requests and we pledged to fulfill them ”. And detailed: “They asked us to oppose labor flexibility and its first advance: the elimination of severance pay for unfair dismissal. They asked us to oppose more precarious employment. They asked us to prioritize the interests of the people over the interests of the corporations. They asked us for an equitable distribution in the province. We said yes to all of them, because we are convinced that there must be more equality and that equality and the full exercise of rights must be guaranteed ”.

“They also told us that they will continue to mark their differences with us in the streets, that they will continue to mark what they consider necessary in public space. This is part of unity in diversity. We said yes. We will try to better solve urgent situations. The best way to respond to the social claim is by resolving the claim. That is the path we are committed to, ”Pedrini continued.

When evaluating the act of the PTP and the CCC, Pedrini expressed: “The historical reference to the birth of their political force, in the Cordobazo and ours, on October 17 was very moving. Truly, a show of loyalty. We appreciate the invitation, the enthusiasm, the strength and we also invite you to share with us the act of October 17 in Saénz Peña, at 8 pm ”.

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