Capitanich met with mayors to evaluate the priorities for the end of the year and 2022

Governor Jorge Capitanich met, in the last hours, with more than 45 mayors from various Chaco municipalities to evaluate the works that are already underway, facing the last 45 days of the year. In addition, progress was made on the action plan contemplated in the 2022 budget and the prospects for 2023. “We are making progress on a works plan that includes an investment agreement and financing mechanisms,” said the president.

In addition, he reported that Work was done on the communication, financial administration and digitization plan, and especially with regard to the productive plan for job creation. “All of this will be part of bilateral agreements with the municipalities that adhere, with the aim of strengthening decentralization strategies, strengthening institutional management capacities and a strategy for the productive development of basic social infrastructure that promotes job creation”, Capitanich remarked.


On the part of the mayors, The importance of advancing in the necessary works of each locality and of the regions as a whole, strengthening installed capacity and generating employment, through public works, was highlighted. which he has classified as fundamental for the post-pandemic reactivation of the province.

What’s more, Progress was made on necessary issues such as drainage, solid waste treatment, work with producers and rural services consortia, industrial parks, cooperatives, among others.

This Friday, Governor Jorge Capitanich will visit the town of San Martín to open the envelopes of the tender for the second most important housing plan in history and the most important to be executed within a period of municipal government.

The mayors of the towns of San Martín, Colonia Elisa, Ciervo Petiso, Las Garcitas, Isla del Cerrito, General Vedia, Puerto Eva Perón, La Eduvigis, Colonia Unidas, Colonia Popular, Pampa del Indio, La Verde, Lapachito, participated in the meeting. Makalle and Captain Solari. Also La Escondida, El Espinillo, Villa Río Bermejito, Castelli, Napenay, Presidencia de la Plaza, Machagai, Resistencia, Barranqueras, Fontana, Puerto Vilelas and Colonia Benítez. Finally, the leaders of Margarita Belén, Laguna Blanca, Basail, Chorotis, Charata, Campo Largo, Corzuela, Enrique Urien, General Capdevila, General Pinedo, Hermoso Campo, La Clotilde, La Tigra, Samuhu, San Bernardo, Villa Berthet, Villa Ángela, Gancedo, El Sauzalito, Miraflores, Nueva Pompeya Mission, Roca Presidency, Santa Sylvina, Las Palmas, Pampa Almirón, Laguna Limpia, Concepción del Bermejo, the President of the Council of Du Graty and the Secretary of Economy of Quitilipi.

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