Capitanich inaugurated the La Leonsa micro-stadium for high-performance sports

Governor Jorge Capitanich together with mayor José Carbajal inaugurated this Wednesday the La Leonesa micro-stadium, which required an investment of more than 152 million pesos and which will enable the development of high-performance sports.

“The work of the micro-stadium is the result of the joint work of state agencies, it is a work that every girl, boy, adolescent and young person in La Leonesa deserves to improve their life through the practice of a sport,” Capitanich emphasized and added that it will also affect the community of Las Palmas due to its proximity.

The new microstadium has metal stands, changing rooms for referees, local athletes and visitors, adapted bathrooms, a service warehouse and the complementary work that consists of a regulation soccer field with a canteen, concrete stands, six light towers, toilets and a warehouse.

“Sport builds values, unites us to achieve a common goal through camaraderie, discipline, work, solidarity and respect, and in turn is a guarantee of social inclusion,” said the governor.

In this sense, he recalled that Chaco has an investment plan in sports of 4,500 million pesos until 2023, of which 2,500 million are allocated to sports infrastructure. In addition, Chaco is recognized for having a Provincial Institute of Sports and a Sponsorship Law to face investments in infrastructures and the maintenance of sports activities.

“Without adequate infrastructure, without sports elements, the practice of any sport is restricted. No one can sustain an activity that does not have a contribution from the State ”, considered the president.

The new microstadium joins that of Juan José Castelli and the Physical Education Center 9 in Charata. While next week the Coronel Du Graty sports complex will be inaugurated.

For his part, the mayor of La Leonesa appreciated the work of the micro-stadium and thanked those who made it possible: “Thanks to the provincial government for giving a special look to our department, which works every day for a historic repair for all sectors” , said.

Along these lines, he called on the community to use this space as a place to promote unity and inclusion through sports activities. “This place will contain girls, boys, youth and adults, so that we can continue marching to a destination that unites us, that imposes us as a community of progress and work,” he said.

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