A company machine Metbus It was burned by individuals when it finished its tour in the commune of Maipú. The incident, which is being investigated by the Carabineros, did not leave people injured or detained.

The event took place on Avenida Portales at the height of the Sun Highway, very close to a terminal of the company that provides services to the capital’s public transport and a place where a group of people carried out a barricade.

Said individuals they intimidated the driver of the machine when he passed by the place to get off, then spray accelerant fluid on the bus and set it on fire.

Amid the flames, the vehicle went into reverse and fell on a tree and bushes, which also caught fire, which required the presence of three fire companies.

Captain Cristopher Paredes, officer of the 3rd Maipú Fire Company, pointed out that the most worrying thing was the explosion of the electric bus batteries.

For his part, Lieutenant Luis Hernández Castillo, a patrol officer from the Rinconada de Carabineros prefecture, declared that for the moment the motivation for the event is unknown.

For now there are no detainees and work is being done to identify the perpetrators.