Cannibalism, addictions and perverse desires: the Hollywood artists who have been in scandals for their “lower instincts”

In recent years, several Hollywood stars have come to confess their addiction problems to various substances.

However, a problem that has become common among artists is closely linked to a taboo subject within society: sex.

The problem of sex addiction was first commented on by actor Michael Douglas. In 1993, the press revealed that the American actor had an irrepressible sexual desire and his addiction to having intimate relationships had begun to affect his career and personal life.

During that year, Michael Douglas was at the peak of his career due to the popularity of the film low instincts, police film in which he starred with renowned actress Sharon Stone.

The actor’s recognized addiction to sex triggered other problems related to alcohol, drugs and extramarital affairs. This situation led Diandra Luker, a film producer, ended his marriage of 23 years with Michael Douglas.

After admitting his addiction to sex, the leading actor of Fatal Attraction the press and the public clashed against a taboo subject within the film industry in the United States and it was finally recognized as a true disease.

“It became a new disease. No one had ever heard of it before, but it stuck with me, and it still comes up from time to time.”

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Douglas’s confession sparked countless celebrities admitting their sex addiction and acknowledging that it was a serious problem.

In 1995, the British actor Hugh Grant starred in a scandal when he was arrested while driving his car with a prostitute on board on the Sunset Strip, a famous street located in Los Angeles.

At the time, Hugh Grant was 34 years old and in a formal relationship with model Elizabeth Hurley.

“Last night I did something completely insane, I hurt some people and I’ve embarrassed the people I work with. I regret both things much more than I can express,” the actor said in a statement.

Although Elizabeth Hurley forgave her infidelity, years later she decided to end her relationship with the renowned British actor.

After his unfortunate incident, Hugh Grant explained that the situation in Los Angeles was directly related to a sex addiction.

Hugh Grant admitted his sex addiction after leading a scandal with a Los Angeles prostitute. (Free Press Photo: EFE)

Currently, sex addiction is treated as a disease and there are several Hollywood celebrities who have suffered from this condition for years.

Actor James Franco spoke on the subject and reminded the world that sex addiction is a serious problem and unfortunately “it comes back from time to time.”

The actor who played Harry Osborn in Spiderman He confessed his addiction to sex and reported that this disease led him to have intimate relationships with several students from his acting academy.

In 2018, Two of his students accused the actor of sexual exploitation and forcing them to perform erotic scenes in acting classes. Added to this, they also accused James Franco of having given them US$2 million to avoid a lawsuit.

The actress Lindsay Lohan has been another Hollywood star who suffered from problems related to her sex addiction. The protagonist of Heavy girls He revealed that he had an agenda where he wrote down the names of the celebrities with whom he had had sexual relations.

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This agenda, with more than 150 people included, included several movie and music stars such as James Franco and Justin Timberlake.

Another American celebrity who allegedly would have the same problem is Britney Spears. According to one of her former bodyguards, “The Princess of Pop” would have enjoyed a life full of parties and orgies during the most successful stage of her musical career.

This theme was going to be released in a book in 2012, although its publication was neutralized by the representatives of Britney Spears as it was a theme that could tarnish her image.

A former employee of Britney Spears revealed the alleged parties and orgies organized by the American singer. (Free Press Photo: EFE)

David Duchovny, Known for his role as Agent Fox Moulder on the series the x files, was also affected by this condition and confessed his problem to the public.

“I am addicted to sex and I have decided to enter a center to treat myself,” the actor confessed in 2008.

However, the real problem that affected his personal life was the addiction and dependence on pornography.

Three years after confessing his problems related to sex, the actor’s wife, Tea Leoni, decided to divorce due to “irreconcilable differences”.

Robert Downey Jr. is also part of the club of actors who have recognized their addiction to sexual relations. The actor who gave life to the character of Iron Man He confessed that he had a stage in his life in which sex caused him an obsession.

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Fortunately for him, his life took a turn when he met Susan Levin, his wife since 2005, who encouraged him to give up his old self-destructive behaviors and addictions.

Actor Armie Hammer also suffered from this problem. and then being accused of abuse and sending explicit messages with cannibalistic ideas he was admitted to a clinic to deal with his addiction.

On December 13, the actor who participated in the film Red social came out of a rehab clinic and is currently awaiting the outcome of the accusations against him.

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