Camila Arteche is reunited with her grandmother in Cuba after two years

The Cuban actress Camila Arteche He jumped to Havana to hug his grandmother after two long years without seeing each other.

the too influence shared the emotional reunion with her more than 400 thousand followers on Instagram: “Two years without seeing you my old lady. My favorite person in the universe. Only I know how happy it makes me to have you grandmother. I love you that my soul lights up.”

In the video, Camila is seen arriving home in a car and her grandmother waiting in the doorway. Then, the two merge into a moving embrace that was not lacking in tears.

“Enjoy every minute. Blessings to your mother, your grandmother and to you. Nothing like family,” wrote the actress Yuliet Cruz, while the also actress Heydy González commented: “Awww, my God, how nice I find my life again, enjoy a lot of your beautiful family. Don’t miss out on hugs, kisses and moments of happiness! Tqmmmm”.

“That feeling of coming home ufff, it’s inexplicable, enjoy your beautiful family”, “Only the one who lives it knows what we suffer far away”, “No one knows how hard the distance is until it touches you up close, the family is sacred,” commented other followers.

In August, Camila he was reunited with his sister Katherine after a long time and both celebrated being together again. These days, other artists such as Manolín El Médico de la Salsa and the reggaeton player Ovi have taken a leap to the island to hug their loved ones after almost two years of pandemic and restrictions.

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