Camau: “November is a long way off, but we are going to fight the election ‘stick to stick'”

“We are going to arrive in November with more strength,” said Camau Espínola, in statements to La Dos.

“We will have time to establish a deeper debate on the model of the country we want. We are going to achieve a stronger accompaniment than we have achieved so far, ”said the current legislator.

“We are going to continue reducing the difference,” he insisted and added: “We are going to be stick to stick. That is the challenge “

“We are intact. Society knows how to choose and that is respected. Once again we have a great challenge: to reach everyone to discuss the Argentina we want and how we can collaborate so that Corrientes achieves works, infrastructure and development ”, he added.

“We aimed to win more votes and we did it. Now we have more clarity between now and November 14, and clearly debate what model of country we want and surely we will achieve a much stronger accompaniment ”, insisted Camau.

Carlos Camau Espínola, mentioned that “our objective was to win more voters in these elections to have more clarity between now and November 14, and to clearly debate what model of country we want and surely we will achieve a much stronger accompaniment.”

In turn, the national senator maintained that “there will be a very marked reduction, we will be stick to stick, that is the challenge, this election shows us that people know how to choose and that they are with us and that once again We have a great challenge to reach Correntinos, Corrientes, young people to discuss what Argentina we want, and we as national legislators to be able to reach the president and have more projects and works for the province ”.

At the same time, the national legislator of the PJ, affirmed that “I am convinced that we have a great challenge and that society is going to put itself more in a gaze of knowing what is being chosen.”

If forces are regained, Camau Espínola, said that “these challenges are important and more so when we discuss what model of province we want, I am convinced that from here on we will continue to put important things into play, the interests of Argentina will be debated. ”.

Regarding the importance of the communes that elect mayor on November 14, the PJ legislator affirmed that “always respecting the electoral processes, while we continue working, the mayors have their management, and we must have a much broader view, and he knows that post-pandemic, there will be works, financing, we have to be prepared to achieve all that for Corrientes ”.

Likewise, the Peronist leader stressed that “I will continue to work from unity and with breadth, with the forces that want to join, to work on the substantive issues that allow development and growth.”

Finally, Camau Espínola emphasized that “it is a good result, but with everyone’s work.”

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