Call of Duty 2022 revealed earlier in the wake of Vanguard’s poor performance?

Even if Call of Duty: Vanguard has only just been released, the spotlight is already on the future of the license. Although this last opus was successful, it is also one of the most played games on PlayStation, Activision appears to be disappointed with the results, just as some of the players are from experience. Despite several updates, at the start of 2022, the community was not satisfied with Vanguard, on several points (weapons too strong, or not enough, problems of all kinds), and these comments have very probably put off some players. to proceed to checkout. We won’t have the sales figures for a few weeks, but they may be below Activision’s expectations.

This is how Tom Henderson, often insisting very correctly on the information related to the license Call of Duty, explain that the schedule for the next installment of the franchise could be changed, to lead us to an early reveal of the game, from the summer (more towards the beginning than the end, as for Modern Warfare in 2019). The release would also be scheduled for October, so as not to necessarily arrive at the end of 2022 which will most likely be crowded, between several major releases, including Starfield.

Moreover, according to several rumors, this new episode should follow Modern Warfare, which was rebooted in 2019, and received with great success by the community, just like Black Ops the following year. In the process, Warzone should also know a major update, as for this end of the year 2021. If all this turns out, we should see it during the next few months, depending on what Activision does.

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