Caleta Olivia: what the 120th anniversary left

At first, a celebration was expected for three days, although due to the massive participation of the neighbors, it was extended for another day.

The beginning of the week left different publications between news, opinion articles, and the same posts that the public made from their social networks, as well as each of the artists who appeared in the El Gorosito Main Stage.

In this regard, the mayor, Fernando Cotillo, was one of the first to publish the panoramic image that fully reflects the number of spectators who enjoyed this great party, and which was later widely replicated. Phrases such as: “Thank you Caleta” and highlighting that after 10 years the people of Caleta once again have a party of such magnitude at the foot of our emblem monument, were the main statements of the Community Chief.

Tiempo Sur, La Opinión Austral and Nuevo Día por Río Gallegos, added to Radio del Mar, El Patagónico, Crónica, ADN Sur and El Comodorense, for the city of Chubut, were some of the media that highlighted the success of the 120th birthday.

With the current epidemiological context, it was possible the return of institutional acts with the public, and the important convocation of provincial and regional authorities. Thus, the Communal Chiefs accompanied Mayor Cotillo at the protocol moment that began at 10 o’clock, with the Solemn Tedeum.

Indeed, the Municipality’s Protocol Supervision confirmed that 125 institutions joined to participate. On this occasion, the different organizations and entities were part of the traditional Civic Military Parade that took place near the Plaza 20 de Noviembre. One of the moments of greatest emotion was at the beginning, when the organization decided, as a tribute, that the Zonal Hospital begin its step followed by the workers of the DetecAr Plan and the COVID-19 Monitoring Center, as a way of recognition and gratitude for all your dedication provided in the Pandemic.

Economic boom for the city

As reflected in Monday’s cover in La Opinion Austral ZN, sales within the framework of the Paseo de Artesanos, the Food Stalls, the Gastronomic and Beer Patio, added to the hotel and commercial sector, generated sales of 35 million pesos.

These proposals, not only provide financial growth, but also a positioning of each entrepreneur in our community, of course, but also in neighboring towns, since visitors were able to learn about the wide range of entrepreneurship sector.

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