Calderano suffers, but wins and is in the round of 16 at the Worlds

Hugo Calderano returns to reach the round of 16 of a World Cup. Photo: WTT.

He’s in the octaves! In another day of games for the World Table Tennis, held in the United States, Brazil managed to win. After being the only one to triumph in the second round, Hugo Calderano overcame Belgian Cedric Nuytinck, by 4 sets to 3, and secured himself in the round of 16, equaling the best result in the country in a World Cup. The Brazilian’s next duel will be against Darko Jorgic, from Slovenia, currently number 23 in the world.

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The next stage of the Worlds is the barrier where he and two other brilliant table tennis players stopped in previous years. After beating Chinese world champion Ruo Guotan, in Beijing, in 1961, Ubiraci Rodrigues da Costa, known as Biriba, fell in the round of 16 that year. Claudio Kano, in 1987, in the city of New Delhi, also ended his participation there. And Calderano himself, in Budapest, in the 2019 tournament, stopped in front of the Chinese Ma Long.

This time, the chances of going further are great. Calderano is the number 3 seed at the event and will face Slovenian Darko Jorgic, number 23 in the world. A well-known opponent, as they faced each other a few times when the Brazilian played in the Bundesliga, the German league. The two international clashes between them took place this year, with one victory for each side, and in the last duel, at the WTT Star Contender in Qatar, the carioca got the better of it (he also won the tournament).

The game

For the 16th of the table tennis World Cup final, Hugo Calderano faced the Belgian Cedric Nuytinck, currently number 75 in the world ranking. In the first half, after a balanced start, the Brazilian found his rhythm, opened up the advantage and confirmed the victory by 11 to 6. Behind the scoreboard of the match, the Belgian table tennis player was a little more aggressive at the beginning of the second set and opened up an advantage in the highlighter. Afterwards, Calderano grew, took better advantage of opportunities and turned the score around to 7 to 6. In the final part, the Brazilian kept the pace and confirmed the victory by 11 to 8, making 2 sets to 0.

In the third partial, Cedric went for all or nothing and managed to open up an advantage at the beginning of the set, making it 6 to 2. In the sequence, once again, Calderano managed to cut the disadvantage and the difference was in two points, with 8 to 6. However, the Belgian returned to taking better advantage of his mistakes and closed the set 11 to 6.

In the following set, Nuytinck was better at the beginning once more and got to open 5-1. Hugo Calderano then reacted and put the difference in just two points, with 7-5. In the final part of the partial, the table tennis player knew how to keep the advantage of two points and a mistake by the Brazilian, closed the game at 11 to 8, tying the duel at 2 to 2.

With the game tied, Hugo returned to the table more aggressive in the definitions and put himself in advantage on the scoreboard, with 5-2. Behind the scoreboard, the Belgian sought a reaction and ended up missing even more. In this way, the Brazilian remained at the front of the scoreboard and closed with 11 to 7.


With his back to the wall, Cedric started the sixth set going up and took the lead on the scoreboard, with 4-2. Playing point-by-point, Calderano grew and left the difference at 9 to 6. Despite Hugo’s reaction, Nuytinck kept the pace, finishing 11-6 and drawing 3-3.

the tiebreaker

In the last part of the match, Hugo Calderano started better and made it 3-1 on the scoreboard. then, forcing the opponent’s mistakes, the Brazilian left the difference even greater, with 8 to 4, and directed the set. In the final part, having to cut the disadvantage, Cedric kept making mistakes and Calderano scored 11 to 5, confirming the passage to the round of 16 of the World Table Tennis.

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