Cairo will screen this Thursday the film “Hormone Queen”, Enzo Monzón’s new dramatic comedy

Enzo Monzón’s brand new film, Hormone queen, will have a new projection this Thursday, from 8.30 pm, at the El Cairo cinema, in Santa Fe and Sarmiento, with free admission.

It is a dramatic comedy produced in co-production between Argentina and Spain, which brings together a great cast in which the participation of the talented Omar Serra stands out.

“Hormone Queen”, the law of desire in times of dystopias and diversities

Serra is accompanied by Lisette Ann Belen, Damián Le Diable, Mauricio Aguil, Diego Ullúa and Carolina Boetti in a story that takes place in a shelter for people from the LGTBIQ + community, a kind of geriatric or pre-geriatric where, through different procedures, the precious hormones of happiness are created for a society that lacks them. The tragedy is unleashed around the internal imbalance in the face of the ambition of speculators and the conflicts that arise.

The film was shot in February 2020 in Rosario. “It is the story I want to tell now, it happens in a foster home for the elderly in the LGTBI community; a residence where they have the gift of producing hormones of happiness for a society that lacks them “, Monzón told The citizen during filming. And he continued: “It is not a nursing home governed by heteronomous women, which is like looking at life through a glass until the light of the soul goes out. On the contrary, it is a place where you can seek happiness when you think it is the last years of your life ”.

The locals Germán Geminale, Adriana Jaworski, María Caila, Andrea Boffo and Nacho Estepario, also appear in the cast of the production that has original music by Diego Ferrey and was developed independently. “I came especially to shoot my first feature film in my city with a very good production but without a producer, without any funding other than their own and with the collaboration of the entire team that contributes a lot by getting costumes and elements that we need for filming, scenographic objects. , and above all, putting the body of the characters. I take everything shot and I am going to edit the film in Spain, where I will have an arduous post-production work to finish shaping the image, color and sound that I am looking for ”, the director of other remembered final titles was able to anticipate. from the 90s and from his first stage in Rosario as Meredith Castle and Karla.

“In relation to the theme, the trans is once again the center, both male and female transsexuality; There are the common places of the LGTBI community, but this time faced from other aspects such as loneliness and old age, with a very eclectic cast of people I have known for many years and other people who have been joining this great group in recent years. travel, but again the protagonist is Omar Serra, who is Reina; Omar is a great reference not only for me but for the entire community, “said the director, who, true to his aesthetic, works with a handful of characters” who are bugs and bugs as I like them, “as he expressed.

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