Cafiero: "We are committed to hearing the message from the polls"

The head of the Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, assured this Monday that the electoral result is a reflection of how “much the pandemic” of coronavirus “made the people suffer” and considered “logical” that this discomfort has been reflected in the result of the open, simultaneous and compulsory primaries (STEP).

In this sense, the official assured that “the national government is committed to listening to the message from the polls” and working to improve the situation of the people.

In addition, Cafiero said that the health care measures, which from the point of view of the pandemic worked, from the electoral point of view generated a “very adverse climate” for the Government.

“We are going to listen to Sunday’s message. We know what they voted for us; so that we can generate work, and to improve the life we ​​had and that we want to recover. We are going to do it regardless of the electoral result,” Cafiero ratified in dialogue with Radio 10 de federal capital.

Along the same lines, the Chief of Staff made a self-criticism and said that the Government should “work twice as hard to regain the trust of society.”

In this context, the Chief of Cabinet considered that “despite the result, the majority of Argentines do not want to go back” and added that “that is what will be seen in the November elections.”

“The pandemic made us make very unpleasant decisions, it must be understood that we voted in a pandemic, all the officialdom in the world generated an impact at the polls. Now we have to deepen the economic reactivation agenda and deepen vaccination,” said Cafiero.

“We understand that expanding our political base is necessary and we will continue to do so. The FDT is clear that two country models are being debated in Argentina and we must clearly carry out what is being done. This will be the militant task of the next 60 days, “he remarked.

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