Cafiero: "Peronism must recover the streets and carry a message of hope"

Hours after the significant defeat suffered by the ruling party in the PASO, the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, came out to support the statements that Alberto Fernández gave after the results were known last night, in the Bunker of the Frente de Todos.

The coordinating minister assured, in radio statements, that the majority of Argentina does not want to “go back”, and stressed the need to “improve” and to recover the streets.

For his part, Cafiero said that in order to reverse the result for the general elections on November 14, it is necessary to complete the vaccination cycles and deepen the agenda of the economic reactivation of the country. “We are going to go out vaccinating and reactivating the economy, we must go along this line,” he said.

“Peronism has to recover the street, it has to bring a message of hope to every house in the Argentine Republic that maintains that we understand that it is still missing, but that we also know that no one wants to go back,” said the chief of staff.

“This path that we started in 2019 is not going to be altered,” Fernández said after the defeat.

Regarding the analysis that shaped the harsh defeat for the Government in different parts of the country, Cafiero stated: “I think that the analysis that remains is that the pandemic made the people suffer a lot, and that it is logical that they are not in agreement with the Government. in this sense, because the pandemic made us take very unpleasant care measures ”.

Along the same lines, the official assured that “most of the officialdom in the world” had to face the scenario of electoral defeats. “The governments of the world that adopted measures of this style were not recognized at the polls,” declared Cafiero.

Finally, the chief of staff stated: “We are committed to listening to the message from the polls, that we know what they voted for us,” and added: “They elected us to improve the life we ​​had, so that we can generate work, and that is the expectation that we have, that it is our priority and that we are going to do it regardless of the electoral result ”. (NA)

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