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Everything must be made public, out of respect for the voters: 1) The sample 2) The data collected, including the 3000 discarded surveys. This, until today, has not been handed over to the audit or the oversight. Have you already published your millionaire contracts, Natalia? “he said in a trill.

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In order for Colombians to know the entire process of selecting the presidential candidacy of @CeDemocratico, I ask the Party leaderships to officially make public the results of the polls, the signatures that carried them out and the audit they verified.“Macías wrote.

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“(The results) I do not know if it was 22 or 21%, it is an average, in one I was higher, but I do not remember exactly, I think that Óscar Iván Zuluaga’s was a triumph quite far from the second, after the second down there was also a distance ”, indicated Cabal, who in several national polls beat Zuluaga.

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Everything must be made public, out of respect for the voters

“I made a pact to honor what was determined there, there was oversight and audit, that is, what harm would I do to generate suspicions and suspicions. We are going to work together and the purpose is Colombia. We are going to accompany all the candidates in this candidacy”, indicated at the time.

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