Burners now attacked near Ayacucho and Uriburu

There were moments of tension in the place because there were more cars near the damaged vehicles. However, the Sapper Firefighters were able to counter the advance of the flames with the action of a single fire engine.


Sunroof history not so far

The last event attributed to the sunroof also occurred in the southern area and about ten blocks from Ayacucho at 4500. It happened on Saturday, October 2, shortly before midnight, in the Humboldt passage (San Martín at 4200) between Garibaldi and Ameghino, in the neighborhood Domingo Matheu.

On that occasion, the vandals came to that place to set fire to three cars, whose losses were almost total. Fortunately, there were no injuries; the affected vehicles were a Fiat 500, a Ranault Logan and a Chevrolet Corsa Wagon.


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In 2019, a pair of sunroofs was arrested in the Hospitales neighborhood on suspicion of incinerating at least five cars in different areas of Rosario. They were two men, identified as Aníbal Javier C., 40, and Oscar Vicente R., 48, who were caught by agents who were mobilizing in a 911 motorized patrol, in Corrientes, between Virasoro and Rueda .

However, in January of last year, other fires of similar characteristics had been registered again in the lower area, on Belgrano avenues and Tucumán, in front of the Youth sheds.

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