Bundesliga surprise: The Mainz path is successful

VLast week they honored their great thought leader from the 90s at FSV Mainz 05. The training center, the location where the heart of the club beats and the great defensive battles of the second division were fought and two promotions to the first division were celebrated, is now called the “Wolfgang Frank Campus am Bruchweg”. He found it “a bit sobering”, said Bo Svensson a few days later, he was disappointed that the site did not bear his name.

Just kidding, of course. It goes without saying that it is very fitting to highlight Frank in this way. “It was the first step towards creating coaching personalities like Jürgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel. He was a special trainer and a special character with whom this Mainz path began. “

Svensson is the one who continues this path today and who would have earned a monument with the second half of last season. But just as little the Dane, who once worked as a central defender under Klopp, but above all under Tuchel and shaped by him in many ways, revels in the recent past, he is far from overestimating the start of the season.

Not a perfect start to the season, the defeat in Bochum prevents it, but one that the 05ers rarely achieved. Nine points from four games are all the more remarkable given that Svensson had to do without around half of his players in the first two weeks of quarantine.

The fourth place that the Mainz team has now taken is a snapshot. But there is evidence that the moment could last longer. The squad has remained almost completely together and has been strengthened selectively, the newcomers fit. Also first division debutant Anton Stach, who shone in the cup and in Hoffenheim with his crossings as a goal setter. And Marcus Ingvartsen, the new striker, has only just started work.

Sure, it would be a second miracle if the 05er were able to carry over the previous second half of the season to a full season. First of all, it is also important for them to stay out of the relegation zone. They succeeded. And their style of play, with which they pick up on the spring, is just as uncomfortable for the opponents as it was back then.

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