Bundesliga: Hitzlsperger is leaving VfB Stuttgart in autumn 2022

Thomas Hitzlsperger will resign from his position as CEO of the Bundesliga soccer club VfB Stuttgart when his contract expires in October 2022. As the VfB announced on Wednesday, the 39-year-old had communicated his decision to the supervisory board of VfB Stuttgart 1893 AG. Hitzlsperger had personally explained his point of view both to the chairman of the supervisory board, Claus Vogt, and to the entire committee, the club said in a statement.

“It wasn’t easy for me because VfB means a lot to me. I associate many wonderful moments with this club and the people who work here, “said the 52-time national player and former VfB captain, who took over the position in October 2019:” I am very grateful for the years we spent together and will stay with VfB emotionally closely connected in the future. And together with our team I will give everything for VfB until the last day in this job. “

No interest in the office of DFB President

Hitzlsperger did not reveal anything about his future plans in a press conference called at short notice on Wednesday. “I don’t do other things. It is my duty to do everything until the last day. It remains to be seen how I feel in a year and how my head is, ”said Hitzlsperger. He is also not aiming for the office of DFB President. “For my part, there are no such ambitions,” said the former international

VfB supervisory board chairman Vogt said that there was also no doubt in the supervisory board that Hitzlsperger should continue his task until the end of the contract: “We can and will take the necessary time to look for a successor, because we are stable and strong in the AG set up. “

The VfB regrets that “Thomas does not want to continue his work for our VfB beyond the agreed contract period. We respect the motives for this, however, ”emphasized Vogt:“ Under his leadership, VfB has developed very well in terms of sport, has become more professional and has retained the profile of a club that stands for social values ​​such as tolerance and sustainability and represents them openly. ”

Vogt and Hitzlsperger had fought a bitter power struggle for months. But the waves have smoothed out again for months.

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