Brutal crime of a policeman during an assault in Caseros: How did the detainees fall?

Three young men were arrested as suspects of the crime of deputy commissioner from City Police murdered this Tuesday by criminals who they stole his motorcycle when he left his house in the Villa Pineral neighborhood, in the Buenos Aires town of Homemade.

The last arrest was made on Wednesday night in a department in the Army of the Andes neighborhood, popularly known as Fort Apache, where the troops captured Pablo Buera, 19, whom the investigators accused of being the material author of the crime of Rodrigo Guillermo Becker (41).

Police spokesmen reported that earlier, in the same neighborhood, a young man identified as Luis Miguel Escobar placeholder image, nicknamed Luisito, was apprehended by the agents, accused of being the accomplice of the previous one.

Two of those arrested for the crime of Deputy Commissioner Rodrigo Becker.

All the procedures were carried out by members of the Villa Pineral 4th Police Station, the Tres de Febrero Police Station, the City Police, and detectives from the San Martín Departmental Investigations Delegation (DDI) and Homicides of the Federal Police. Argentina (PFA).

From the security area of ​​the Municipality of Tres de Febrero they reported that they had handed over to the investigators the footage of the district cameras taken in different streets near the crime scene and those that go to the Army of the Andes neighborhood, where they believed that the aggressors may have taken refuge.

Thus, they were able to establish the identity of a 24-year-old suspect, who had sold the stolen motorcycle to Becker on Tuesday night. For this reason, the agents apprehended him for the crime of concealment, police sources reported.

The Crime of Deputy Commissioner Becker

Becker was assassinated on Tuesday around 9:30 p.m. on Calle Bolivia al 3000, near the corner of Bartolomé Miter, in Caseros.

In the images of a security camera you can see the policeman, who worked in the Summary and Brigades Division of the Community Police Station 9 of the City Police, left his home on foot with the Honda Tornado Xr 250 motorcycle, left it on the sidewalk and retraced his steps toward the house for a moment. He had two helmets in his possession, so they think he was going to look for a relative or was about to take someone to a place.

At that moment, Two armed robbers arrived aboard another motorcycle, one of whom got out and approached the policeman’s Honda to take it away..

In those same circumstances, extracted a weapon and attacked the deputy commissioner, a situation to which the other assailant joined, who also got off the motorcycle armed and fired.

Becker received between three and four impacts in the thorax and was lying at the entrance to the house very serious, while the criminals fled on his motorcycle after one of them returned to the victim and stole the service weapon, sources confirmed.

At the scene of the assault, the criminals abandoned the Honda Cb190 motorcycle in which they had arrived and which had a request for active kidnapping for robbery required by the 5th Police Station of Morón, said police spokesmen.

Becker, for his part, was transferred to the Ramón Carrillo Hospital in Ciudadela, where he died a few minutes after being admitted due to the seriousness of the gunshot wounds.

The prosecutor intervenes in the case Ignacio Correa, of the Functional Unit of Instruction 5 of the Judicial Department of San Martín, who will investigate the three apprehended in the next few hours.

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