Bremen’s memory of Rehhagel, Nuremberg’s anti-fear and Hamburg teachings

After turbulent days, Werder Bremen wants to make sporty headlines again in the 2nd division – of all places at Holstein Kiel, the ex-club of top coaching candidate Ole Werner. What connects the game with Otto Rehhagel and what else the 15th matchday in the lower house has to offer …

After the last minute equalizer against Schalke: Werder Bremen want to take their sixth win of the season against Holstein Kiel.

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Kiel – Bremen

Are those responsible in Bremen superstitious? If so, then take your time with the signing of the new coach until after the game on Saturday evening (8.30 p.m., LIVE! At kicker). Because in league duels you met KSV for the last time in 1980/81. In Kiel the game ended 1: 1 and a few days later the coach was hired, who from then on sat on the bench for around 14 years and won two championships and two cup wins: Otto Rehhagel. So maybe it’s a good thing that the top candidate for the beginning successor, Ole Werner, is unlikely to make his debut at his old place of work.

Aue – Darmstadt

Luca Pfeiffer and Philipp Tietz have made life difficult for many defenders this season. It is not known whether the expectation of the Lilien striker duo in the Erzgebirge, each with eleven goals, played a part in the fact that Aues President Helge Leonhardt pleaded for a season break. The upward trend of the hosts – last three wins and one draw – threatens to come to an end on Saturday afternoon (1.30 p.m.): With 20 goals in the last six games, the league’s goal machine overrun almost everything that gets in its way.

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Schalke – Sandhausen

3: 0 and 4: 1 – Schalke 04 and SV Sandhausen met twice in the DFB Cup (2012 and 2016). They probably didn’t expect to see each other again in the league at the last meeting. After two defeats against Heidenheim and Darmstadt, the miners missed the longed-for three-point recently due to the heavily criticized referee’s decision, also in the 1-1 draw in Bremen. The chances are good on Saturday: Since the SVS 2012/13 debut season, only Aue of the current second division side has lost more than the Kurpfälzer (22 N) with 24 defeats to a relegated team.

Karlsruhe – Hanover

It is only thanks to the better goal difference that Hannover 96 is currently above the line. The Lower Saxons are hoping for a liberation at the KSC – a result like 1986/87 would certainly be in the interests of the 96s. The 8: 0 at that time was both the highest victory for Hanover in the 2nd division and the highest defeat for Baden. With only ten goals in 14 games, such a spectacle of the second weakest offensive in the league on Saturday would not only cause great astonishment in the wildlife park.

Düsseldorf – Heidenheim

The second division match day will open on Friday evening (6.30 p.m.) in Düsseldorf, among other places. Fortuna has traditionally struggled against 1. FC Heidenheim – only one home win has been recorded in eight duels on the Rhine so far. Because of a COVID-19 infection of the regular keeper Florian Kastenmeier, Raphael Wolf will guard the gate of the Düsseldorf team. On the 9th day of the match he replaced the number 1, which was then barred from the red, once – and lost 3-2 to Paderborn.

Regensburg – Dresden

The spell is broken: After five defeats in a row, Dynamo Dresden was once again able to celebrate a sense of achievement with a 1-0 win against Düsseldorf. With another three against Regensburg on Friday evening, the promoted team could fight their way back to the middle of the table despite the long negative run – especially since Regensburg has recently been more careless after the good start of the season. Jahn has two defeats against Rostock (2: 3) and Hamburg (1: 4) in his luggage.

Nürnberg – St. Pauli

The club has only just recovered from three competitive defeats in a row and with a 2-1 win in Sandhausen re-established the connection to the top group, when FC St. Pauli comes to Franconia on Sunday afternoon (1.30 p.m.) – a real fear opponent. No other team in the lower house lost the FCN more often than against the Kiezkicker. In 24 matches there were ten defeats (5 S / 9 U).

Hamburg – Ingolstadt

At least one point jumped out for the Schanzer last against Karlsruhe (1: 1). But that doesn’t really help the newcomer, who has not been won for nine games, as the bottom of the league. But the most recent duel between the two teams on matchday 32 of the 2018/19 season should have taught HSV not to underestimate the FCI. Back then, Bayern were also on a relegation zone, but hailed the hamburgers in the Volkspark with a 3-0 win, but the targeted promotion – one point was missing at the end of third place. But it didn’t help Ingolstadt either, relegation made it back to the third division.

Paderborn – Rostock

SC Paderborn has seven different goalscorers after 14 matchdays. Felix Platte, of all people, the second most successful player with six goals, is out for the time being with a torn muscle fiber. All the more, top striker Sven Michel (12 goals) has to bear the offensive game of Ostwestfalen on Sunday against Rostock.

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