Brazil registers more than 110 thousand cases of Covid, 3rd highest value of the pandemic

Brazil recorded 110,037 cases of Covid, this Friday (14), the third highest value ever recorded in the entire pandemic.

In the days that lead the number of cases, there was a record of accumulation of dammed data. They were June 23, 2021, with 114,139 cases and September 18 of the same year, with 125,053 infections.

The explosion of cases of the new coronavirus at the beginning of the year occurs amid the expansion of the omicron in Brazil.

Photo: Tomaz Silva/Agência Brasil

During the month of December, following a hacker attack on the Ministry of Health’s systems, several states reported registration difficulties. Although the Pasta states that the systems were normalized in December, part of the data may be the result of the damming. Even so, the rapid rise in bed occupancy rates for Covid across the country points to the spread and impact of the omicron.

The country also recorded 238 deaths from Covid. With this Friday’s data, the country reaches 620,847 lives lost and 22,925,864 people infected since the beginning of the pandemic.

Moving averages are also up substantially from data from two weeks ago. The average number of deaths increased by 42% and reached 138 deaths per day. The average number of cases to 68,160 infections daily, an increase of 743%.

The country’s data, collected up to 8 pm, are the result of a collaboration between Folha de S.Paulo, UOL, O Estado de S. Paulo, Extra, O Globo and G1 to gather and disseminate figures related to the new coronavirus pandemic. The information is collected by the consortium of press vehicles daily with the State Health Departments.

The initiative by the consortium of press vehicles occurred in response to the attitudes of the Jair Bolsonaro government (without a party), which threatened to withhold data, delayed newsletters about the disease and took information from the air, with the interruption of the disclosure of the totals of cases and deaths. In addition, the government released conflicting data.

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