Brazil has 111 deaths from Covid, in 24 hours, and the average number of cases exceeds 36 thousand

Brazil recorded 111 deaths and 34,215 cases this Monday (10). With that, the country reached 620,142 lives lost and 22,556,525 people infected with Sars-CoV-2 since the beginning of the pandemic.

The country has been experiencing an intense growth in the number of cases. The situation coincides with the expansion of the Omicron variant in the country and the period after the end of the year parties. It also coincides with the re-establishment, at least in part, of the Ministry of Health’s registry system after a hacker attack.

Moving averages of deaths and cases continue to grow. The average number of infections has exploded by 617%, compared to the data of two weeks ago, and reached 36,227 cases of Covid per day. The average number of deaths reached 128, a growth of 17%.

The country’s data, collected up to 8 pm, are the result of a collaboration between Folha, UOL, O Estado de S. Paulo, Extra, O Globo and G1 to gather and disseminate figures related to the new coronavirus pandemic. The information is collected by the consortium of press vehicles daily with the State Health Departments.

Photo: Mauro Pimentel/AFP

Vaccination data against Covid-19 are also among those affected, with several states without updates, by the attack on the ministry’s page. In any case, the information was at least partially updated in 15 states and the Federal District.

Brazil registered 1,006,869 doses of vaccines against Covid-19, this Monday. According to data from the state health departments, there were 82,287 first doses, 296,323 second doses. In addition, 4,154 single doses and 624,105 booster doses were recorded.

Paraná reviewed data on first (-10,725) and second doses (-44,421). There was also a review of booster doses applied (-23,137).

In all, 161,724,589 people received at least the first dose of a vaccine against Covid in Brazil – 139,999,665 of them have already received the second dose of the immunizer. Added to the single doses of Janssen’s vaccine against Covid, there are already 144,623,203 people with both doses or with a dose of Janssen vaccine.

Thus, the country already has 75.81% of the population with the 1st dose and 67.80% of Brazilians with both doses or with one dose of the Janssen vaccine. Considering only the adult population, the values ​​are, respectively, 99.77% and 89.22%.

Even those who received both doses or one dose of the Janssen vaccine should maintain basic care, such as wearing a mask and social distancing, say experts.

The initiative by the consortium of press vehicles occurred in response to the attitudes of the Jair Bolsonaro government (without a party), which threatened to withhold data, delayed newsletters about the disease and took information from the air, with the interruption of the disclosure of the totals of cases and deaths. In addition, the government released conflicting data.

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