Brazil continues its preparation for the men’s handball South-Center

Stefan Ivanovic / RSCG

Brazil begins, this Monday, its last ten days of preparation for the dispute of the South-Center Tournament of men’s handball. The group formed by 21 players is training in São Paulo, more specifically at Clube Pinheiros, in order to prepare as best as possible to reach the international competition, scheduled to be held between the 25th and 29th of this month, at Ginásio Geraldão. , in Recife. The athletes remain preparing until the 20th, when they embark for the capital of Pernambuco.

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Coach Marcus Tatá and the entire coaching staff are taking advantage of the training phase to work on the tactical, technical and physical parts of the group. The idea is to mesh and strengthen the team offensively and defensively, improve tactical actions, evolve game systems. This moment with the squad has also been very important for identifying and correcting points for improvement, as well as enhancing the main virtues of the Selection.

“These days are essential because it is the moment where we can concentrate and prepare the group for the competition. For us, the men’s handball South-Centro has started since the 3rd, when we arrived here to train. All the effort at this point will be valid for the time we enter the court to compete in the competition. Brazil will arrive strong in Recife”, said the coach, who until the 20th will define who will be the 18 athletes who will defend Brazil in the tournament.

The South-Center is one of the main competitions for Brazilian men’s handball in 2022, as it is valid as a selection for the 2023 Poland/Sweden World Cup. In addition, it will be the chance for Brazil to take back the tip of the continent.


The Brazilian team called by coach Marcus Tatá for this training phase has some news in relation to the group that competed in the last edition of the Olympics, in Tokyo. Among the new faces in the team, compared to the Japan Games, are point guards Arthur Pereira (Helvetia Anaitasuna), Guilherme Souza (HT Tatran Presov), Pedro Pacheco (HT Tatran Presov), Raul Nantes (CS Dinamo Bucharest) and Tarcísio Oliveira (Pine trees); pivots Guilherme Borges (BM Ademar Léon) and Matheus Silva (Bidasda); goalkeepers Alan Santos (Les Vikings de Caen) and César Augusto Bombom (BM Huesca).


In addition to them, guards Gustavo Rodrigues (Chambéry Savoie Mont Blanc), Haniel Langaro (FC Barcelona), João Pedro Silva (CBM Angel Ximenez Puente Gentil), Leonardo Dutra (BM Ciudad de Lagroño), Thiago Ponciano (BM Ciudad Encantada) were also called up. Cuenca) and Thiagus Petrus (FC Barcelona); wingers Cleber Andrade (Handball Taubaté), Guilherme Torriani (Handball Taubaté), Fábio Chiuffa (Cavigal Nice Handball) and Rudolph Hackbarth (BM Huesca); pivot Rogério Moraes (Sport Lisboa and Benfica) and goalkeeper Rangel Rosa (BM Granollers).

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