Bouzat signed with Vélez to “continue fighting for important things”

During the afternoon of Wednesday, Agustín Bouzat arrived at the Vélez headquarters to extend his contractual relationship with the club. The agreement with the forward is valid from September 1, 2021 to December 31, 2023.

Born in Bahía Blanca on March 28, 1994, Chiqui arrived in Vélez in 2018 and made his debut on January 28 of that year in a 1-0 victory over Defensa y Justicia. So far he has played 114 games and scored 11 goals, clearly being a team player, supportive on and off the court that always leaves every last drop of sweat in pursuit of collective growth.

“I am happy for this new renovation. When I arrived almost 4 years ago, I said that I was joining a large team, a model institution and that it has a lot to continue growing. We are also in this as a team, “said Agustín after signing the contract. And he added: “Having exceeded 100 games with this shirt is important, it is not something usual with the maelstrom that we live today. That is why the trust placed in me makes me happy, it is the energy I have to continue performing ”.

The season is about to end and El Fortín remains in the top positions. Bouzat knows that the desire to continue winning, and to crown a title, is what reveals not only the fans but also the first team: “We are part of a process that is being accomplished in stages at a constant and gradual pace. First we classified the South American, then the Libertadores and now again we are entering the maximum continental competition next year. We want to fight for important things and if we all get mental in that line, I think we can get to live a very pleasant 2022 ”.

Finally, the attacker referred to the consideration that both the coaching staff and his teammates have of him. “I feel that there is a great respect for me and among all of us, which keeps me firm forward because I understand that groups win important things. In general, that makes me feel happy and very good in Vélez ”.

Bouzat, together with President Rapisarda y Bassedas, former coach of Olimpo.

Source: Vélez Oficial / LB24.

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