Boudou blamed Guzmán for the failure of Kirchnerism in the elections

After what happened in the PASO, where a hard blow for the ruling party and an important advance for the opposition was reflected, Alberto Fernández confirmed that they will take new economic measures to be able to satisfy society and be able to recover votes for the general elections of 14 of November.

Amado Boudou, in an interview for AM 750, spoke and gave his vision in this regard, claiming that Martín Guzmán (current Minister of Economy) had a lot to do with the defeat. “Among the causes of people’s discontent are the socioeconomic numbers, which are an inheritance from the Macri government and were not generated by Alberto Fernández,” he said.

And then, he added that “the socioeconomic numbers in which they voted were very significant for this election. This is not a new topic, at least for us. But there is the vision of Minister Guzmán, who was in the opposite direction and he would tell you that even against the hair of what the President was pointing out in the campaign … until the last day, and when we heard him the same night of the election with reflections important ”.

He also confessed that his political space made a “bad choice” and that he would be interested to see what were the obstacles in the way that led them to have such low numbers in the results. “There I see a problem that has not been unlocked, especially the roadmap and the priority that Minister Guzmán has given to his management,” he declared on the permanent negotiations with the IMF, the Paris Club and external creditors in order to pay off the debt left by the former president.

In short, the main problems that the country currently has have been inherited by Macri, according to Boudou. “Guzmán focused on finances. We do not see the minister talking about economic issues, but about finances “, he mentioned, and then adding that” in Argentina, the ministers always mark the way forward for the government. “

Also, he insisted that Argentina needs a “distributive shock” that includes retirements and the Universal Child Allowance. “The President says it over and over again, that wages have to beat inflation and that doesn’t happen. There is an instrumental problem that is not consistent with the political decision of the President ”, he stated bluntly.

And he concluded by saying that measures should be taken for everyone: “Not only that they have to do with the income of the population, but also with the income of merchants and national businesses, who have the same expectations.” (NA)

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