Botero’s painting is auctioned in Paris for 920,000 euros

Paris.- The painting “Woman with a guitar” by the Colombian painter Fernando Botero was auctioned this Wednesday in Paris for 920,000 euros (one million dollars), exceeding its estimated sale price of between 500,000 and 700,000 euros.

The work, which shows a voluptuous naked woman lying on a pink sofa while holding a guitar, is one of the most valuable of the collection “L’art à fleur de peau” organized by Christie’s auction house.

This painting, made in oil on canvas in 1988 and with dimensions of 183 centimeters high and 130 long, it perfectly represents the treatment of the human body that has distinguished the Colombian artist in the recent history of painting.

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The auctioned collection, of more than one hundred pieces, it was valued between 9 and 13 million euros and until now it was owned by a French woman with a passion for contemporary artists and postwar style, according to her statement.

The American Barbara Kruger, the Chinese Chu Teh-Chun, the Australian Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the British David Hockney or the French Philippe Cognée and Olivier Debré are some of international artists whose works were auctioned in this sale.

In addition to Botero, Hispanic artists include the Nicaraguan Armando Morales, the Argentine Antonio Seguí, the Chilean Iván Navarro, the Uruguayan José Gamarra and the Spanish Jaume Plensa. EFE

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