Boot, bag and wallet: see official licensed products inspired by Dark Souls

It has products and styles to suit all undeads in the kingdom of Lordran

How far does your level of worship of Dark Souls go?? While some break records in ridiculously difficult challenges, others cosplay and go to events. But Supergroupies, a Japanese brand specializing in clothing and accessories based on games and anime, wants you to be “cool” wearing Dark Souls from toe to torso (no cap).

In partnership with Bandai Namco and From Software, the online store brings watches, fanny packs, wallets, backpacks, jackets and even boots. All items are based on iconic characters Solaire, Artorias, the Black Knights and Oscar, poster boy for the first game.

Praise the Sun

All Solaire-based items carry the predominant colors in their armor, like the red and yellow of the sun and the silver of iron. The watch has hands and edges in characteristic colors, has a calendar and leather strap. The product description says that the watch comes with a battery that recharges with sunlight. The technology is nothing new, but it worked just fine to be a Solaire watch.

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The “bag”, which is more like a fanny pack, has a very large design of the sun stamped on the hero’s chest and “you can instantly become a believer in the sun god if you put it in front of it”, as the site. Inside the fanny pack, the colors red and yellow and Solaire in his classic pose stamp the interior. The wallet also carries the sun print and colors inside.

Gwyn’s Proud Escort: Black Knights

Products based on the former silver knights bear the armor design of the scorched knights. Unlike Solaire products, here you will have it at your disposal elegant products with more, let’s say, sober design. They all have in common the black color and gold details.

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The inside of the backpack represents the ember, still lit, which set the knights on fire. The same happens with the wallet, which, in addition, has a outer fabric that simulates something burned. Can’t not mention the beautiful watch, which should attract even those who don’t use it.

One of the king’s four knights: Artorias, the Abysswalker

I’m going to try to stifle my excitement when it comes to the best character in the entire franchise… Starting with watch, which has dark blue details at the bottom, “as if you were swallowed by the depths”, describes the site, plus all the details that make it unique. The backpack (which I would easily use) carries the predominant colors of the rider and has a design that should please most.

Inside the backpack, you can see remnants of the abyss (is the Manus inside?). Here it is worth mentioning a very nice detail: the left strap of the backpack is removable, as the knight of Gwyn’s left arm has been destroyed. The wallet also carries backpack-like details.

Oscar, the guy from Estus

The Knight of Astora, who has a very brief participation in the game, has a jacket and boot inspired by himself. The biggest highlight here is the inside jacket print with a lit bonfire design that glows when exposed to light. Both the jacket and the boot are made of leather.

Regarding prices, in direct conversion, they will vary between about R$1,500 for watches, as backpacks cost around R$800 and wallets are around R$580. To see more photos of the products, check out the official site. Tell me, did any product arouse interest?


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Via: Dual Shockers Source: Supergroupies

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