Boosie Badazz says DaBaby was bullied by the LGBTQIA+ community

Boosie’s support for Dababy continues to generate negative public reaction

Apparently, we got out of the DaBaby controversy in Rolling Loud, but the subject found new repercussions during Boosie Badazz’s latest interview. The Louisiana rapper regularly meets the site VladTV for a long, often epic chat, and this time, they focused on DaBaby. During the summer, the rapper was canceled after his remarks about the LGBTQIA+ community, resulting in a huge backlash. Something that generated even more outrage from people was when the rapper deleted the apology to the gay community from his Instagram.

Lil Boosie has repeatedly stepped forward to defend DaBaby, and this recent discussion is in keeping with her earlier sentiments. Badazz explained that the rapper has been hired to act at his Boosie Bash event since last year, so the moment of controversy was a coincidence. However, there was a brief period when Boosie was afraid that DaBaby would cancel her participation.

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“I was calling him for a month and he didn’t answer,” Boosie said. “But I knew he was going through a difficult time in his career. So I waited until he finally answered. Despite all the situation he was going through, he came to Boosie Bash, bro, that says a lot about Dababy not selling his soul.”

Boosie revealed that, having defended DaBaby in the Instagram, the scheduled events and concerts had an opportunity to also cancel the rapper. When he heard of all the festivals and events canceling DaBaby’s performances, Boosie said he was “angry”.

“I was pissed, man, I was pissed at those people because I just felt like they were trying to teach you a lesson,” Boosie said. “If you follow these rules, something bad will happen to you. DaBaby showed no reaction. I think it was a setup. He just didn’t do anything.”

“I feel like they really intimidated him,” Boosie continues. “That’s what I felt they did we say shit when we increased our audience. This is all part of your performance. And so that doesn’t happen, I feel like they intimidated DaBaby,” concluded Boosie.

Check below for details of your interview posted on YouTube:

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