Books that Colombians read the most in 2021 – Music and Books – Culture

‘Turn the view back’, by Juan Gabriel Vásquez

The novel was awarded the IV Mario Vargas Llosa Novel Prize (in 2021).

Fiction, Alfaguara

(Also: ‘A novelist is a historian of emotions’: Juan Gabriel Vásquez)

Isabel Allende is the most widely read author in Spanish in the world.


Lori Barragán. Penguin Random House

‘The metabolic miracle’ and ‘How: the art of eating to be well’, by Carlos Jaramillo

Neither alternative, supernatural, shamanic, or esoteric. A bit hippie? Perhaps, but for this doctor from the University of La Sabana, certified in Functional Medicine by the Institute of Functional Medicine in the United States, with studies in Biological Medicine, a fellow in anti-aging medicine and even a specialist in Surgery and Clinical Nutrition and Biochemistry and Clinical Physiology from Yale and Harvard, respectively, what he is interested in is educating his patients with science, making the search for a truly healthy lifestyle with scientific endorsement the philosopher’s stone of the functional approach of his profession.

Nonfiction, Planet

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Carlos Jaramillo doctor

Carlos Jaramillo is a doctor from the University of La Sabana, certified in Functional Medicine by the Institute of Functional Medicine in the United States.


Courtesy Carlos Jaramillo

Jumping from a challenging and difficult present to fragments of the past still raw, the novel scathingly looks at an apparently unalterable social order: an order whose transformation is as fervently desired as it is feared.Fiction, Alfaguara

‘The club of psychopaths’, by John Katzenbach

Fiction, Alfaguara

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Pilar Quintana

Pilar Quintana (Cali, 1972) is also the author of ‘Collectors of rare powders’.


courtesy Carlos Zárrate

‘Infinity in a reed’, by Irene Vallejo

Non-fiction, Grijalbo

(Video: Successful Writer John Katzenbach Talks About ‘The Psycho Club’)


The ‘Lupine’ series is based, above all, on Maurice Leblanc’s first novel.

‘Arsène Lupine: Knight and Thief’, by Maurice Leblanc

The literary work came to life, especially at the beginning of the year, thanks to the popularity of the Netflix series that starred Omar Sy.
Fiction, Black and White Editorial

‘The shadow of Orion’, by Pablo Montoya
Fiction, Random House

‘Like dust in the wind’by Leonardo Padura
Fiction, Editorial Tusquets

‘To simmer’, by Paula Hawkins
Fiction, Planet

‘The forgetfulness that we will be’, by Héctor Abad Faciolince
Non-fiction, Alfaguara

‘Boulevard’, by Flor Salvador
Fiction, Group Without Borders

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