Bonelli achieved his 2nd pole in the TC in Rafaela 4 years later


The Ford serviced in its own workshops in Concepción del Uruguay walked fast in the Rafaela oval.


And the novelty in addition to yesterday’s classification was that the first three, those who will command the series, are out of everything. The best of those in the Gold Cup was Juan Bautista De Benedictis, who qualified 4th. And then Ardusso appeared, who tested the JP Chevrolet a lot to improve his chances of going for the mandatory victory.oh it seems that now it will have with what.

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The leader of the Gold Cup, Agustín Canapino, classified 7th while the guard and champion, Mariano Werner, was 13th. Alan Ruggiero, from Rosario’s Rus Med, was 19th, while Venado Tuerto’s Maquin Parts drivers, all with title chances, are waiting: Esteban Gini was 10th, Josito Di Palma 17th and Marcelo Agrelo 22nd.

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