Boca did not have a good night and tied with Defense and Justice


The auriazul cast will visit Atlético Tucumán this Saturday at 8.15pm, for the 12th day of the contest.

Boca vs Defensa y Justicia (0-0) Full Summary – Professional League Tournament

In the first half, it was difficult for Sebastián Battaglia’s team to reach the rival goal in danger. He just arrived averaging the stage with a deflected header from Norberto Briasco. But as the minutes went by, it was those guided by Sebastián Beccacece who began to play closer to the local area.

Franscisco Pizzini hit the post for the visit, but the local had a header from Luis Vázquez that also crashed into the post.


In the complement, the ex-Godoy Cruz Miguelo Merentiel was close to scoring, but the xeneize goalkeeper Agustín Rossi covered him one-on-one.

La Ribera’s cast had chances to score, but those led by Sebastian Beccacece also had chances to score.


The synthesis:

Boca Juniors 0: Agustín Rossi; Marcelo Weigandt, Carlos Izquierdoz, Marcos Rojo and Agustín Sandez; Diego “Pulpo” González, Jorman Campuzano, Juan Ramírez and Aaron Molinas; Norberto Briasco and Luis Vázquez. DT: Sebastián Battaglia.

Defense and Justice 0: Ezequiel Unsain; Adonis Frías, Nicolás Tripicchio, Alexis Soto; Gabriel Hachen, Kevin Gutiérrez; Nazareno Colombo, Rodrigo Contreras, Carlos Rotondi; Francisco Pizzini and Walter Bou. DT: Sebastián Beccacece.

Changes: ST at the start, Miguel Merentiel for Contreras (D); 13 ‘Cristian Pavón for Molinas and Frank Fabra for Sandez (B); 19 ‘Raúl Loaiza for Hachen (D) and 29’ Cristian Medina for González and Nicolás Orsini for Vázquez (B); 38 ‘Exequiel Zeballos for Briasco (B); 45 ‘Lucas Barrios for Bou (D); 46 ‘Braian Rivero for Pizzini (R).

Referee: Ariel Penel.

Basketball court: Boca Juniors.

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